About Us

The E-DUcognitive

Brief Description of the Project:
E-DUcognitive is a digital learning platform consisting of digital modules in different science and mathematics courses namely, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics and Probability and Coding which can be accessed by all students and teachers through subscription at a minimal amount. For every subscription, the team will provide a totally free Science and Mathematics training for 10 marginalized Junior and Senior High School Students using the tools in our website. These marginalized students must be taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program) and must come from a family of farmer-peasant, artisanal fisherfolk, workers in formal sectors and migrant workers, workers in the informal sector, indigenous people and cultural communities to be eligible for the training. It aims to promote inclusivity and diversity among marginalized Junior and Senior High School Students in Science and Mathematics courses. To augment the use of digital tools especially during international assessments, digital modules and portfolios were included to be used by both students and the team for the training. These portfolios serve as repository of student’s work and their progress after completing a lesson in each course. The digital portfolio for students must contain introduction, their achievements, video or documentation of their performance in ACT me part of the lesson, E-DUcognitive outputs checked by the teachers in our team, self-reflections about learning using the metacognitive processes. The first part consists of specific OBJECTIVES which entails concepts that were about to learn by the students. KNOW Me! is the second part which talks about initial concepts known already to the students. Data is presented in chart form in order for them to answer using keywords only. The third part ACT Me! serves as the ‘meat’ of the learning platform. It consists of crucial activities that must be performed by the students either individually or as a group depending on their ability to perform. Their personal involvement with each activity makes the students deeply acquainted to the concepts underlying within the problem. ENGAGE Me! part allows students to illustrate the whole problem or scenario including observations. This leads to more conceptual understanding on the part of the learner. ENQUIRE Me! consists of comprehension, connection and strategic questions. These questions elicit profound knowledge of each concept and connect it to other concepts in the lesson. This gives a lot of information on how they will solve the problem. ENQUIRE Me! is considered to be the backbone, since the questions given here will either make the learning effective or not. Next part is the ENLIGHTEN Me! which will be embedded as a hyperlink to provide samples of mind maps both for the students and teachers. It represents concepts and visual ideas based on their patterns, differences and interrelationships with the integration of sustainable culture-based project activities in science. UNRAVEL Me! aims to unlearn misconceptions by throwing questions which will make the students think outside of the box. ASSESS Me! aims to measure the learning outcomes based on the given objectives.

Our team wants to solve 2 problems

  • Scarcity of digital learning materials and trainings for marginalized Junior and Senior High Schools STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering Program) students in the Philippines.
  • Low level rank of the Philippines in PISA (Programme for International Students Assessment).

What our team does to solve these problems

  • We will provide a digital tool and training for marginalized Junior and Senior High Schools STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering Program) students in the Philippines.
  • We want to promote diversity and digital inclusivity in STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering Program) through the use metacognitive strategies of digital modules and portfolios. Metacognition is a learning and teaching process that promotes profound learning of science and mathematics concepts and can be of great help to increase cognition especially in national and international assessments.

Inclusive technologies have the potential to incline growth and development of humanity. At E-DUcognitive, that’s our top priority.

MA. Theresa Marbella - Proponent